My name is Emma Rodriguez aka MOONCRAB. I'm from Bristol, England. I went to University a few years ago and graduated from Drawing and Print Making, I really enjoyed using digital means to make work and made a lot of landscape based work, but my tutors weren't really into the collage work I was doing, so I found myself making work they wanted instead of what I wanted. Now that I have the freedom to make what I like, I've carried on where I left off with my collage work. I make it as a means of escape where I create worlds and a universe that help take people to another place.

I'm inspired by my own ups and downs, because that's when I want to escape the most, that's when I want to create something that helps me get away, but I'm also inspired by things I see and dream of and surround myself by. It is a massive achievement for myself to know that my work helps and inspires other people, I have had people message me saying that my work has helped them get through tough times and has healed them in a certain way, and that to me is more important than anything and the reason why I create my work.


BA Hons Drawing & Printmaking


Dancing with Demons, August 2019. Create Centre, Bristol

If you have any inquiries or are interested in getting custom work, please email me at emma@mooncrab.co.uk or use the form below to get in touch.